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Hello! We are 3D Kazoo, LLC.

We design and create Laser and 3D pieces and products including Laser Wood Maps of Lakes with depth layers, Golf Course Layouts, Wood and Acrylic Signs, and Engraved Tumblers.

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    Each Framed Lake Map is custom automated traced, or hand traced. We can make any lake map as long as it’s on Google Maps. We can make any 4-9 layer maps as long as we can find and trace the Depth Maps online. If we can’t find a depth map, we recommend the Resin version option.

    Lake Maps range from $255 (4 layer) – $275 (Resin) for the standard 14″x11″ sized maps. We can create larger maps but they are prohibitively expensive. 

    We require a $50 Non-Refundable Deposit for each map made. We accept Paypal, Venmo, Cleared Checks, or Credit Cards.

    The estimated time is about 7 business days (10 for Resin as it takes 3 days to set perfectly) in normal loads. We take our time to make them amazing and an art piece to last decades. PLEASE ask your questions before your order so as to not be disappointed.

    Shipping is around $12.


    We also build Vector Lake Maps for your own laser needs. You choose the area, we create the maps. Depth maps are also available. You may create as many production maps as you want, there is no limit. 

    Basic Location Map (no depths) – $25 – some limitations exists on complexity of location. IE I can’t do the city of Los Angeles.

    Depth Maps are $10/layer must be purchased with Basic Location Map. Ie a map of Abc Lake with 3 additional depth map layer is ($25+$10+$10+$10) = $55

    Please use the comment form to ask any questions.


    Custom Made For YOU or your Special someone

    Tell us what you have in mind.  We will take care of the rest up to delivery!

    Awesome realtor gifts to clients too!